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How does starting revenue work?

Your Starting Revenue is the amount of revenue (not just profit, but total revenue) your business brought in this year before you started using Harpoon. For example, if you signed up and started using Harpoon on June 15, 2015, your starting revenue would be all the revenue your business has brought in from January 1, 2015 to June 14, 2015.

Asking for your starting revenue is Harpoon’s way of quickly getting up to speed on your business’s existing revenue for the year. After you start using Harpoon your subsequent revenue will be tracked via the invoice payments you receive through Harpoon.

Note: The Starting Revenue feature is only needed for the year in which you signed up for Harpoon. All following years won’t need to record a “starting revenue” because Harpoon itself will be recording all of your revenue as you receive it.

For more information about editing your starting revenue view this article.

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