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Harpoon helps freelancers set and hit their financial goals. Learn more…

Achieve your financial goals.

How much money do you want to make?

If you candidly ask other freelancers and consultants how much money they’d like to make this year, you’ll commonly hear, “As much as I can!” It’s an honest answer.

But after our first couple years of chasing money as freelancers (yes, at Harpoon we're freelancers just like you!) we found ourselves burning out, working too many hours, and saying “yes” to every project that came along for fear of an unknown future. We had no gauge of our financial health, and no data telling us when it was OK to slow down and take a break. It was like being stuck on a hamster wheel. Work, work, work, cross our fingers, and hope we had enough money to pay the bills each month. Something needed to change.

“As much money as I can!” turned out to be a poor way to run our businesses.

If you want stability, start by setting a goal.

If you want stability, start by setting a goal.

Things started to turn around quickly when we took our first step towards financial stability—we set a specific yearly revenue goal. We figured out exactly how much revenue we needed to generate each year in order to live the lifestyles we desired. This yearly revenue goal included everything we needed to run our businesses, pay our bills, take vacations, grow our savings, pay for health insurance, contribute to retirement, etc. This is the freelancer's big number. It's the amount of yearly revenue it takes to meet your every need.

Our first step towards financial stability was setting a yearly revenue goal.

Who needs a plan? You do of course.

Who needs a plan? You do of course.

Once we determined our yearly revenue goal, we built a financial plan that worked backwards from there. We could now break our year into manageable, bite-sized pieces. We now knew how much revenue on average we needed to bring in each quarter and each month in order to stay on track to meeting our yearly goal. And we knew when it was OK to slow down, or when we needed to speed things up by taking on more client work or raising our rates. And by tracking our revenue progress on a calendar we were able to schedule new client projects based on our financial goals for that month, quarter, and year.

After seeing such a turnaround in our careers we decided to build Harpoon.

Harpoon puts you in financial control.

Harpoon puts you in financial control.

Having a yearly revenue goal, and tracking our progress towards that goal, opened up a whole new world of financial data that helped us make intelligent decisions about our businesses. Ever feel uneasy about taking a vacation? Ever wonder if you're making enough money this month in order live stress-free next month? We could finally stop guessing about our financial health, and could run our freelancing careers with confidence. And after seeing such a turnaround in the success of our careers, and in the reduction of our stress, we decided to build Harpoon. Harpoon packages these proven methods of success into a beautiful interface that anyone can use.

You won’t need five apps anymore. Harpoon becomes your complete solution.

Ready to improve your freelancing career?

Ready to improve your freelancing career?

In addition to its financial planning and goal-setting benefits, Harpoon also provides all the tools you'll need to collect revenue and manage your business's finances. Everything from time tracking and invoicing, to expense tracking and project scheduling, you won't need five apps anymore to manage your finances. Harpoon becomes your complete solution. Ready to improve your freelancing career? It's time to try Harpoon.

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What can Harpoon do for me?

What can Harpoon do for me?

Harpoon can help you…

  • …reduce stress by giving you insight into the financial health of your business. No more guessing.
  • …get paid with a full-featured online invoicing system. Clients can pay you quickly and easily.
  • …save money by eliminating the need to pay for multiple apps and subscriptions.
  • …set goals so you can stay focused on achieving a set amount of revenue for your business.
  • …slow down by helping you predict your workload based on your revenue goal progress.
  • …get organized by grouping all of your projects' tracked time, expenses and invoices in one convenient place.
  • …take a vacation by letting you know when you're far enough ahead to take some guilt-free time off.
  • …see the future by forecasting your yearly revenue based on your current income velocity.
  • …take back control by providing you the same kind of insight a company's Chief Financial Officer would expect.
  • …smile because you won't have to use one of those frustrating accounting products. Harpoon is fun!

Digging those benefits? Sign up for a free trial.

All the features you need. A complete solution.

All the features a professional freelancer needs.

Harpoon is the financial decision-making tool you've been missing.

  • Invoicing

    Harpoon has the easiest invoicing system you'll ever use. You'll know when a client has viewed your invoice, and with only a click or two they can quickly pay you online.

  • Revenue Goals

    Harpoon helps you set a yearly revenue goal for your business, then provides the tools you need to collect and track your revenue. Set a goal and hit it!

  • Time Tracking

    Harpoon makes it a breeze to track, log, and categorize the time you spend on your clients' projects. And with just a few clicks you can send your recorded hours directly to an invoice.

  • Expense Tracking

    Record and categorize all of your business's expenses. Assign expenses to client projects to surface your actual profit/loss on a per project basis.

  • Scheduling

    We make it easy to schedule your projects and your expected revenue for the year based on your monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial goals.

  • First Class Support

    We pride ourselves on the personal support we provide our customers. As you continue to grow with Harpoon we'll always be here for you!

And the features just keep coming! You'll also enjoy...

  • Robust Analytics: Our Dashboard showcases over a dozen crucial metrics to help you understand the health of your business. Watch your business grow from year to year!
  • Vacation Earned: The words "vacation" and "freelancing" shouldn't be an oxymoron. Harpoon examines the progress toward your financial goals and let's you know when it's safe to take some time off.
  • Revenue Per Hour: Your clients might know your hourly rate, but how much are you really making per hour? Harpoon not only knows, but can tell you if that's enough to meet your goals.
  • Revenue Scheduling: Schedule your expected revenue on the calendar and see how it potentially impacts your financial goal progress.
  • Revenue Per Day: Put away the calculator because you'll now know at a glance how much revenue your business is bringing in per day on average, and if it's enough to meet your goals.
  • Online Payments: Get paid quickly by allowing your clients to pay your invoices online. Your clients can use any major credit or debit card with just the click of a button.
  • Yearly Forecasts: At your current pace how much revenue can you expect to bring in this year? Harpoon gives you the big picture so you always know what to expect in the future.
  • International Support: We proudly support customers from around the globe. From dollars to pounds, euros to krones, your Harpoon account will feel right at home wherever you do business.
  • Accumulated Revenue: Track your revenue throughout the year, see it compounded, and compare your accumulated progress to your monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.
  • Quarter Over Quarter: Compare quarters year over year. Discover revenue trends, make decisions, and act accordingly. The longer you use Harpoon the more valuable it becomes.
  • Revenue Sources: See a break down of which lead sources are bringing in the most revenue. You'll know if your money is better spent on advertising, networking, social media, search engines, etc.
  • Profit/Loss: Harpoon keeps track of each project's revenue and expenses, and keeps a running tally of your actual profit/loss on a per project basis.

Ready to give Harpoon a try? Jump to our pricing.

People say the nicest things about Harpoon.

People say the nicest things about Harpoon.

“After 20 minutes in Harpoon, I get it. It's stupid amazing. This will help freelancers sleep at night.”

Adam Lehman, The Wonder Jam

“Harpoon allows me to detect shifts and momentum within my business. It gives me that bird's-eye view I've been searching for.”

Dennis Field, Greenline Creative

“I've experimented with other time-tracking and invoicing tools, but Harpoon's added bonus of the financial goal-setting makes it a clear winner! Clean design, very useful features, and awesome customer support!”

Astrid Paris, Designer

“I'm loving Harpoon. Best time tracking/revenue forecasting product on the market for freelancers.”

Taylor Scollon, Designer/Developer

“I was searching for the perfect freelancing app for quite some time and I've found no other app that fits my needs better than Harpoon.”

Miks Latvis, Developer

“As a new small business owner I never really had my finances in order and would always say yes to any project that came my way. Now I'm able to plan my schedule and my revenue as I grow my business.”

Jeremy Turner, Web Consultant
One plan. One price. All the benefits.

One plan. One price. All the benefits.

$29/month. We like to keep things simple around here.

Start My Free Trial 14 day trial. No credit card required.
Oh, and Harpoon is free for bloggers.
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  • How does the 14-day free trial work?

    After creating your account you have 14 days to try Harpoon. No credit card information is required. During your trial you have unlimited access to all of Harpoon's features.

  • What happens at the end of my trial?

    After 14 days you'll be prompted to upgrade to our paid plan to continue using Harpoon. If you decide not to upgrade, your account will become inactive, but your trial data will be saved for a limited period of time in case you decide to upgrade later.

  • Are there limits to how many clients I can manage?

    Nope. Your subscription puts no limits on the number of clients, projects, or invoices you can create. One price gives you unlimited access to all of Harpoon's features.

  • Do I need to sign a contract or make a commitment?

    Absolutely not. Harpoon is a pay-as-you-go service. Use Harpoon for as long as you'd like and you'll be billed monthly. There are no commitments. You can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like.

  • Are there hidden costs or fees?

    Nope. The subscription plan price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no gotchas, no surprises. If you decide to upgrade to a paid subscription after your free trial expires you'll be billed monthly.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes. Like most online banks Harpoon uses SSL encryption for your account data. And your credit card information (and any client payments you accept online) are handled securely using Stripe's payment processing.

  • Do I need to download any software?

    No. Harpoon is hosted online. All you need is your web browser. There's never any software to install, or any updates to worry about. Harpoon will always be up-to-date with the latest features automatically.

  • What if I still have questions?

    We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply email us your questions and we'll get back to you quickly.

Start My Free Trial 14 day trial. No credit card required.
Oh, and Harpoon is free for bloggers.
As seen in these fine publications.

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