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Meet Harpoon, a financial planning, invoicing, and goal-setting app for freelancers and consultants.

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Allie Lehman, Designer, The Wonder Jam

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Harpoon makes it simple to set financial goals, track time, invoice your clients, track your revenue, and take more vacations. It's the financial decision‑making tool you've been missing. Try it for free!

Use Harpoon and run your business like a business.

"After 20 minutes in Harpoon, I get it. It's stupid amazing. This will help freelancers sleep at night."

Adam Lehman, Designer

"Harpoon allows me to detect shifts and momentum within my business. It gives me that bird's-eye view I've been searching for."

Dennis Field, Designer

Finances? Ugh. Let Harpoon do
the heavy lifting for you!

Beautiful, professional invoicing.

Harpoon provides all the features you need to bill your clients and get paid quickly. You'll know when a client has viewed an invoice, and your clients will appreciate the one-click ease of making payments online. Harpoon's invoices are clean and beautiful, a perfect complement to the professional services and products you provide. Start billing today!


Be tracking time in no time.

Harpoon makes it a breeze to track, log, and categorize the time you spend on your clients' projects. Need to bill for that unexpected meeting you got pulled into last week? With just a few clicks you can send your recorded hours directly to an invoice. You'll have a neat and tidy record of the time you've billed vs. time left unbilled. Start tracking your time today!

Time Tracking

Powerful scheduling.

Harpoon's Schedule provides a fresh, revenue-focused, year-at-a-glance view of your projects, and how your project revenue stacks up on the calendar. It breaks down your yearly revenue goal into smaller bite-sized goals, and automatically tracks your accumulated progress toward those goals. You'll see exactly how much you need to make each month, each quarter, and where to schedule new projects based on your financial goals for the year. Start tracking your revenue today!

Powerful Scheduling

Intelligent dashboard analytics.

Harpoon's Dashboard showcases over a dozen crucial metrics to help you understand the health of your business. Everything from tracking revenue goals and vacation days earned, to revenue forecasting and hourly income averages, the Dashboard gives you the big picture view of your freelancing finances. Try it and see for yourself!


Hands-free project organization.

It can be difficult to keep track of a project's financial details when those details are scattered across multiple estimates, invoices, expense tables, time sheets, etc. Harpoon gathers those details for you and packages them in a stunning layout providing you clarity into each project's financial status and history. All of a project's invoices and recorded hours are grouped and organized in one convenient place ready for you to take action, or simply there for historical reference. Handy! Start a free trial and get organized!

Project Organization

Robust international support.

Harpoon proudly supports customers from around the globe. From dollars to pounds, euros to krones, your Harpoon account will feel right at home wherever you do business. You'll enjoy custom currency and date formatting, time zone support, and newly added support for accepting online credit card payments from your clients in over fifteen additional countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, and many more! Try it for free today!

International Support

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