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Meet Harpoon, a financial goal-setting, time-tracking, and invoicing app for freelancers and consultants.

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Harpoon makes it simple to set financial goals, track time, invoice your clients, track your revenue, and take more vacations. It's the financial decision-making tool you've been missing. Try it for free!

You need more than invoicing. You need a plan.

Harpoon helps you set a financial goal

Harpoon is more than invoicing and time-tracking. It's a new way of thinking about your finances. At the core of Harpoon is the belief that setting goals for your business is the best way to guide you into making smart decisions that lead to growth and success. Watch the video!

"Harpoon allows me to detect shifts and momentum within my business. It gives me that bird's-eye view I've been searching for."

Dennis Field, Greenline Creative

"I'm loving Harpoon. Best time tracking/revenue forecasting product on the market for freelancers."

Taylor Scollon, Designer/Developer
As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.

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