“Harpoon is a game changer for us!”

Successful agencies, studios, and freelancers from around the globe are seeing incredible results with Harpoon. Here's what they're saying:

  • "After years of cobbling together spreadsheets and disparate tools, Harpoon has read my mind and built exactly what I needed for a holistic view of my agency's health and operations."

    Jacob Morse, Principal
  • "Harpoon has allowed me to get my head and arms around my business in a way no other application has. With the right balance of high-level planning and ground level details, I am able to see what is happening in my business right now and keep track of what will happen in the future. Harpoon has become a strategic part of my business operations and growth."

    Jim Hossler, Owner & Creative Director
  • "There are many project management and invoicing tools on the market, but none of them focuses on cash flow forecasting. Harpoon does! Not only do I get a fully-fledged suite to manage my invoices and expenses, Harpoon gives me a realtime view on my financial forecasts and helps me perfect them. As a creative freelancer I can now focus on my design work, worry-free."

    Filip Coertjens, Creative Director
  • "Harpoon has every tool I need as a new full-time contractor. It's helped me streamline communication with clients, organize projects in helpful ways, and has made the transition to contracting smooth and stress-free!"

    Alyssa Nodorft, Art Director
  • "Harpoon has been a revolution in the way that I track my clients, time, recurring invoices, and revenue. I always feel on top of my business. I moved to Harpoon from Freshbooks and have never looked back. The support is fantastic."

    Caleb MacDonald, Principal
  • "Due to the ease of keeping track of income and expenses, Harpoon has rapidly become my favourite tool. It's my go-to tool for forecasting, reporting and everyday project administration."

    Frederik Martens, Independent Marketing Strategist
  • "Harpoon helps me to reallocate time away from administrative tasks to priorities that move the needle. I love that Harpoon notifies me of my goal progress. It's a great way to stay on track and celebrate small wins that may have gone unnoticed otherwise."

    Joanna King, Digital Marketer
  • "Harpoon gives me unparalleled insight into my business financials, letting me see exactly how much I need to bill out to meet my goals for the year. I also save hours every month doing invoicing, since now I can just add time entries to an invoice and let Harpoon do the work for me. I highly recommend it for any new business. It will make your life far easier."

    Joe Ciskey, Owner
  • "Harpoon is the unicorn of software for freelancers. It brings my time-tracking, taxes, and invoicing all into the same place which is truly magical. (Plus it's easy on the eyes.)"

    Bethany DiLello, Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
  • "With the help of Harpoon, I’ve found a tool to help me plan for the year, view my progress made, and provide simple financial forecasting. As a high achieving freelancer with a lot to do and little time to do it, this business partnership (they're not just a tool) makes my difficult job easier. If I were to build software to help me flourish as a freelancer, it'd end up looking just like Harpoon."

    Jason Scott Montoya, Author of Path of the Freelancer
  • "Harpoon has been a game changer for us! We absolutely love the schedule of projects and estimated cash flow and the dashboard has all my important information right there when I log in."

    Leigh Landeche, Owner
  • "We are so fortunate to have come across Harpoon! Our firm, Powell Creative in Nashville, recently brought on Harpoon as our agency management tool. To say the least, "We're loving it!" Its ease of use, along with the pieces and parts for managing our projects, providing financials, etc.—is super nice and intuitive! Couldn't be happier we found Harpoon."

    Wayne Powell, President & Partner
  • "For the first time, I feel confident that my business is making enough money because Harpoon gives me such a fantastic (and simple) overview of my forecast. And seeing my progress towards my yearly goal is an excellent motivator to make sure I hit it. Wait...Smash it!"

    John Bremner, Content Marketer & Copywriter
  • "I started with Freshbooks because it's what everyone I know was using. But it didn't give me the big picture perspective I needed to achieve my business goals. I'm so glad I discovered Harpoon. The schedule view and the customizable dashboard helped me double my revenue goals from last year."

    Ryan Clover, Designer
  • "When it comes to having an easy way to track my business's financial income and expenses, Harpoon is my favorite way to go about it. I haven't found a better service yet which fits my requirements so well."

    Dries Vints, Software Engineer
  • "Success as a freelancer requires you to effectively predict the ups and downs of your revenue stream over the year. Harpoon is a godsend, the best tool out there for performing this task. Thank you Harpoon!"

    Donna Horn, Principal & Consultant
  • "It has been great to use Harpoon because it is hard to find a software platform that handles several business needs in one package - invoicing, expenses, bookkeeping, time tracking, etc. But the game changer for my business are the tools included for financial goal planning, as it is integrated with all of the aforementioned needs that the platform handles. I am eager to see how the platform will evolve in time!"

    Scott Rosenblum, President &Founder
  • "Harpoon brings every feature I need to run my business together, and wraps it in a way I can work with. Of all of the business software I've used, this one brings the most power in a simple layout."

    Doug Black, Founder
  • "I love Harpoon! My partner was looking for time management systems which would help to streamline my operations. No more hours wasted doing manual invoices or chasing payments. It does everything for me and all the important info is right there to see on the dashboard. I am a convert!"

    Katie Thompson, Director
  • "I've literally tried every accounting software on the planet for freelancers and small businesses. Harpoon is by and far my favorite. My search is over!"

    Matt Doyle, Principal
  • "The ability to forecast my company's revenue is invaluable. I can instantly know how to schedule my resources and exactly how many clients I can take on. I'm on track to shatter my yearly revenue goal!"

    Robert Fountain, Owner
  • "I don't think I'd be still doing what I do if it wasn't for Harpoon. As a freelancer it's a must to keep track of everything and to set goals. Couldn't live without it!"

    Tinus Van de Velde, Founder
  • "Harpoon has grown with us and the service and support are A+. Tools like the 'days off' and profit calculator are great for businesses that are looking to keep in budget and have piece of mind."

    Daniel Adoff, Creative Director & Founder
  • "Harpoon has made my administration so easy, my invoices are just harpooned (get it.. :)) in 2 clicks. A swift follow-up if you have any questions and/or suggestions. I recommend!"

    Aiyesha Allary, Hospitality Professional
  • "After one year using Harpoon on a regular basis I can't think of a better way to organize my clients and invoices. It enabled me to be way more productive with administrative tasks."

    André Lucas, Founder
  • "Simple to use yet incredibly effective. Harpoon has allowed me to streamline the administrative side of my business giving me more time to build great solutions for my clients."

    Keith Power, Lead Developer & Owner
  • "Starting my business I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to help my clients. What I wasn't so clear about? The gray area in-between! Harpoon provided me easy to use and quick to learn setup to send professional invoices and track my goals!"

    Katie Schrock, Owner
  • "Thanks to the wonderful dashboard, it makes it easy for me to see if I'm on track for my yearly goals! Amazing design!"

    Isabelle Lord, Graphic Designer
  • "Harpoon has really contributed, right from the beginning, in making the administrative side of my business way more efficient and fun. It has also given me tools to make strategic decisions and negotiate better with some clients based on the timers' data. Last but not least, I can't believe how quick and nice the follow up has been on any questions I've run past Ryan or Andy. I'm an absolute fan!"

    Pascale Fille, Independant Senior Copywriter
  • "Harpoon has allowed me to overhaul my project management and billing systems. Instead of using multiple tools, I can track time on projects, bill my clients, and monitor my business's financial goals in a single place. Harpoon has made managing my business much simpler."

    Phillip Johnston, Embedded Systems Consultant
  • "Harpoon's Schedule is a game changer. It keeps me well informed of my workload so I can quickly and effortlessly schedule new projects or book ahead, and has financial data within the calendar so I know how much I should make each month to meet my goal."

    Abbie Friesen, Owner & Designer
  • "I’ve been a freelancer for more than 12 years and I've looked at so many invoicing tools, but never found one that made me happy enough to go past the trial. But when I tried Harpoon, I knew this was it. I’m saving so much time now!"

    Valérie Bouchard, Graphic Designer
  • "Harpoon has helped me stay on track and has taken me from "freelancer" to business owner. Harpoon is intuitive, easy, and quick. Well worth the cost."

    David Kittle, Product Designer
  • "Harpoon is the perfect place to manage my freelancing projects, clients, and finances all in one. It gives me clarity and transparency into my operations."

    Sonya Gankina, Digital Marketer
  • "Harpoon is exactly what I was looking for. A single place to track my business' finances and productivity."

    Xavier Velàsquez, Software Engineer
  • "Harpoon is unique for its focus on your bottom line. Revenue goals are front and center."

    Dan Knauss, Principal
  • "Harpoon is easy to use and has a lot of features that help me track client time and send out invoices effortlessly. The team is always very responsive to tech help and provide simple, helpful solutions."

    Vanessa Jones, Copywriter
  • "After looking for several different solutions for my growing business, I chose Harpoon because of the features it had for the price. The platform is great and the developers are very responsive when I need support or an issue appears."

    Erik Allen, Owner & Creative Designer
  • "With Harpoon I’m able to track my hours, manage my projects, and send invoices to my clients, all while tracking my financial goal progress. It's truly the best financial forecasting app for an independent designer like me."

    Julie Field, UI/UX Designer
  • "I love opening my invoicing/accounting system and seeing where I am in reaching my financial goals immediately. It's so motivating. Thanks to you all for creating and continuously improving this really awesome product."

    Sarah Eisele-Dyrli, Social Change Consultant
  • "I had been trying different invoicing systems, but never found one that was so clear and slick as Harpoon. It does just what I need and even a little more, without feeling too overwhelming or hard to handle as a mainly right-brained person."

    Caroline Vermeir, Graphic Designer
  • "Harpoon is not only one of the best looking freelance tools, it is also easy to use. Invoice reminders alone have given me peace of mind along with financial forecasting. It is my most used tool with my business."

    Michael Farrington, Creative Director
  • "Harpoon delivers all the features I need to run invoicing, time tracking and forecasting for my agency. It helps me work on my business, not just in it."

    David Horne, Creative Director
  • "I've been a freelancer for about 12 years now. Harpoon is by far the easiest to use and feature-packed, especially at its price level. Even better, the team is very responsive and honestly cares about your experience."

    Lyle Rohr, Designer
  • "Thanks to Harpoon's help, I'm having my best year as a freelancer. And I must say, the customer service is amazing!"

    Jessica Prescott, Web Consultant
  • "Harpoon is simple, informative, and always being enhanced. I can’t recommend it enough. It makes my previous invoice tracking software feel like Windows 95."

    Jeff Rigsby, Creative Director
  • "As a new small business owner I never really had my finances in order and would always say yes to any project that came my way. Now I'm able to plan my schedule and my revenue as I grow my business."

    Jeremy Turner, Web Consultant
  • "I was searching for the perfect freelancing app for quite some time and I've found no other app that fits my needs better than Harpoon."

    Miks Latvis, Developer
  • "Harpoon is a friendly and complete app. It becomes easier for me to check and foresee my business!"

    Anne-Françoise, Owner
  • "I'm loving Harpoon. Best time tracking/revenue forecasting product on the market for freelancers."

    Taylor Scollon, Designer
  • "I've experimented with other time-tracking and invoicing tools, but Harpoon's added bonus of the financial goal-setting makes it a clear winner! Clean design, very useful features, and awesome customer support!"

    Astrid Paris, Designer
  • "Harpoon has revolutionized the way that I track my business. I'm able to be far more granular with my reports, grabbing the information that I need instantly. It's a game changer for me!"

    Caleb MacDonald, Creative Director
  • "After one year of using Harpoon we’ve had our highest revenue-generating year so far. We exceeded our yearly goal, hitting it one month sooner than expected!"

    Dennis Field, Creative Director
  • "After 20 minutes in Harpoon, I get it. It's stupid amazing. This will help business owners sleep at night."

    Adam Lehman, Branding Consultant
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As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.