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Because you need more than invoicing.
You need a plan.

Meet Harpoon, a financial planning, time‑tracking, billing, and budgeting platform for freelancers, studios, and agencies.

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Four simple rules

The Harpoon Method Embrace these four simple rules.

There are dozens of invoicing and time-tracking apps to choose from. But only Harpoon is built upon a proven method of success. Every feature of our product has been designed to help you carry out four simple rules that empower you to manage your business finances successfully:

  • Rule #1 Rule Number One

    Set a Financial Goal

    How much money do you want to make this year? Setting a meaningful, yearly financial goal for your business is the best way to guide you into making smart choices that lead to growth and success. Allow your long-term vision to direct your short-term decisions.

  • Rule #2 Rule Number Two

    Plan Your Revenue

    Work backwards from your financial goal and break up your year into manageable, bite-sized pieces. Plan out how much revenue your business needs to bring in each month and schedule your projects accordingly. When you plan your future you own your future.

  • Rule #3 Rule Number Three

    Bill Your Clients Intelligently

    Invoicing should be a joyful, stress-free process for both you and your clients. Pick a billing strategy that complements the services you provide. Be upfront and clear on your terms and follow through with confidence. Your quality of work is worthy of the payments you receive.

  • Rule #1 Rule Number Four

    Control Your Expenses

    The money you spend is just as important as the money you earn. Set up an expense budget for your business to bring purpose and discipline to your spending. Track every penny; make adjustments as needed; and stay profitable. It feels good to be in control.

Four simple rules

These rules make up The Harpoon Method, a simple, best-practices approach to managing your business finances. This method, combined with our friendly software, empowers you to take total control of your time, billing, and expenses, and puts you in charge of accomplishing your financial goals.

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The Software Our app makes it a snap!

The four simple rules point you in the right direction, but it's our software that empowers you to take action. From time tracking and invoicing, to budgeting and scheduling, managing your business finances has never been this fun and easy.

Benefits Set, track, and achieve
your financial goals.

You'll experience unique benefits not found in other invoicing and time-tracking apps. Harpoon will help you stay focused by setting goals to achieve a desired amount of income; slow down by helping you better predict your workload; take vacations by letting you know when to take some guilt-free time off; see the future by planning your expected revenue and forecasting your income; stay in control by budgeting your expenses so you stay profitable; and smile knowing you're fully equipped for financial success!

Collaboration Invite your team and make it a party!

As your business grows Harpoon grows with you. Whether you're a solo freelancer or a large agency we've got you covered. Invite other team members to your Harpoon account. Track time and collaborate on your projects. Assign team members different roles in your business. From business partners to managers, staff to contractors, Harpoon makes it a breeze to work together as a team.

Features An all-in-one solution.

We're often asked, “Does Harpoon have the features to replace my existing software?” Yes, Harpoon is designed to completely replace software like Freshbooks or other similar invoicing and time-tracking apps. And because we've built our platform upon The Harpoon Method you'll benefit from a unique combination of features and design not found in any other product. Curious?

"As a new small business owner I never really had my finances in order and would always say yes to any project that came my way. Now I'm able to plan my schedule and my revenue as I grow my business."

Jeremy Turner, Web Consultant

"I've experimented with other time-tracking and invoicing tools, but Harpoon's added bonus of the financial goal-setting makes it a clear winner! Clean design, very useful features, and awesome customer support!"

Astrid Paris, Designer
As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.

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