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Meet Harpoon, a financial planning, forecasting, time-tracking, invoicing, and budgeting platform for freelancers, studios, and agencies.

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"Harpoon allows me to detect shifts and momentum within my business. It gives me that bird's-eye view I've been searching for."

Dennis Field, Creative Director

For years our team struggled with Freshbooks and other similar invoicing and time-tracking apps. These products worked fine for common accounting and billing tasks, but did very little to help us run a healthy, profitable business. We were always left wondering:

  • How much can our business afford to spend each month?

  • How much revenue do we need to generate in order to stay profitable?

  • Is it safe to take a vacation?

  • How many client projects do we need to take on?

  • When should we schedule new projects?

  • Why is time tracking for our team so cumbersome and complicated?

  • What lead sources are bringing in the most revenue?

  • Are we ahead or behind on our business's financial goals?

These kinds of questions were difficult to answer…until we built Harpoon.

Four simple rules

The Harpoon Method Embrace these four simple rules.

When building Harpoon we didn't start with a list of features. Instead our product was born from a simple, best-practices approach to managing your business finances. We've distilled this approach down to four simple rules we call The Harpoon Method:

  • Rule #1 Rule Number One

    Set a Financial Goal

    How much money do you want to make this year? Setting a meaningful, yearly financial goal for your business is the best way to guide you into making smart choices that lead to growth and success. Allow your long-term vision to direct your short-term decisions.

  • Rule #2 Rule Number Two

    Plan Your Revenue

    Work backwards from your financial goal and break up your year into manageable, bite-sized pieces. Plan out how much revenue your business needs to bring in each month and schedule your projects accordingly. When you plan your future you own your future.

  • Rule #3 Rule Number Three

    Bill Your Clients Intelligently

    Invoicing should be a joyful, stress-free process for both you and your clients. Pick a billing strategy that complements the services you provide. Be upfront and clear on your terms and follow through with confidence. Your quality of work is worthy of the payments you receive.

  • Rule #4 Rule Number Four

    Control Your Expenses

    The money you spend is just as important as the money you earn. Set up an expense budget for your business to bring purpose and discipline to your spending. Track every penny; make adjustments as needed; and stay profitable. It feels good to be in control.

Four simple rules

These four rules, combined with our friendly software, put you in total control of your time, billing, and expenses. It's a refreshing level of financial clarity that's helped hundreds of freelancers, studios, and agencies run healthy, profitable businesses!

"Thanks to Harpoon's help, I'm having my best year as a freelancer. And I must say, the customer service is amazing!"

Jessica Prescott, Web Consultant
Harpoon for Teams

Is Harpoon a good fit for my business?

We love seeing business owners and their teams get excited at the thought of using Harpoon! But we know switching to a new product is a big commitment. The following answers about Harpoon might be helpful as you take your time to consider making the move:

  • What is Harpoon exactly?

    Harpoon is a cloud-based software platform that provides financial planning, forecasting, time-tracking, expense-tracking, billing, and budgeting tools for freelancers, studios, and agencies.

  • What makes Harpoon unique?

    At its core Harpoon is designed to help you set, track, and achieve a target revenue goal for your business. We accomplish this with a unique combination of features and design not found in any other product. Opinionated features like expense budgeting, financial planning, and project scheduling set Harpoon apart from your typical invoicing and time-tracking apps, helping you run a healthy, profitable business.

  • How does Harpoon fit in with the other apps and software I currently use?

    Harpoon is designed to completely replace software like Freshbooks or other similar invoicing and time-tracking apps. We handle your business's time tracking, billing, expense management, and more. Think of us as an all-in-one financial management solution for your business.

  • What kind of businesses use Harpoon?

    Although most of our customers are in the creative space (e.g. teams of designers, developers, photographers, writers, marketers, etc.) Harpoon works great for any business that bills clients for services.

  • Can I invite my team to Harpoon?

    Absolutely. Harpoon is designed for teams who need to track time for client projects. Each team member can be assigned a different role which defines the type of access they have to your Harpoon account. You can easily accommodate business partners, project managers, staff, contractors, etc.

  • Does my accountant need to use Harpoon?

    No, your accountant can continue using whatever software they prefer. Although Harpoon provides many accounting features, it was built from the ground up with business owners and their teams in mind. Most of our customers use Harpoon to run their day-to-day businesses, and then come tax time they hand off financial reports from Harpoon to their accountants.

  • Will Harpoon replace my current project management software?

    For time-tracking and finances Harpoon has you covered. And although you'll enjoy basic project collaboration, Harpoon isn't designed to replace deep client communication and sharing tools like Basecamp. Think of Harpoon as your financial business partner, helping you set goals, track time, budget expenses, and get paid.

  • Does Harpoon have all the financial features my business needs?

    Although Harpoon is simple on the surface, we've carefully built layers of powerful features into our product to accommodate the needs of businesses both small and large. You'll find everything you'd expect in a mature invoicing and time-tracking app, but it's the layers of additional features that turn Harpoon into a robust financial management platform for your business. We don't think you'll hit a wall, but the best way to know for sure is to try it for yourself for free!

"I've been a freelancer for about 12 years now. Harpoon is by far the easiest to use and feature-packed, especially at its price level. Even better, the team is very responsive and honestly cares about your experience."

Lyle Rohr, Designer

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