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A powerful blend of financial success tools for your agency.

"After years of cobbling together spreadsheets and disparate tools, Harpoon has read my mind and built exactly what I needed for a holistic view of my agency's health and operations."

Jacob Morse, Principal

"Harpoon is simple, informative, and always being enhanced. I can't recommend it enough. It makes my previous invoice tracking software feel like Windows 95."

Jeff Rigsby, Creative Director

"Harpoon is the unicorn of software for freelancers. It brings my time-tracking, taxes, and invoicing all into the same place which is truly magical. (Plus it's easy on the eyes.)"

Bethany DiLello, Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

"Harpoon has allowed me to overhaul my project management and billing systems. Instead of using multiple tools, I can track time on projects, bill my clients, and monitor my business's financial goals in a single place. Harpoon has made managing my business much simpler."

Phillip Johnston, Embedded Systems Consultant

"Harpoon has revolutionized the way that I track my business. I'm able to be far more granular with my reports, grabbing the information that I need instantly. It's a game changer for me!"

Caleb MacDonald, Creative Director

"Harpoon's Schedule is a game changer. It keeps me well informed of my workload so I can quickly and effortlessly schedule new projects or book ahead, and has financial data within the calendar so I know how much I should make each month to meet my goal."

Abbie Friesen, Owner & Designer

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  • Advanced team management

    Whether large or small, as your team grows Harpoon grows with you. Invite business partners, employees, and contractors to your Harpoon account. Assign roles and permissions for different team members. Set unique internal cost rates and track your team members' weekly hours capacity.

  • Hundreds of integrations

    With Harpoon's flexible API and full Zapier integration, it's easy to build custom, automated workflows between Harpoon and your favorite third-party products, all without writing a single line of code. Save hours each week and eliminate those tedious, manual data entry tasks.

  • Friendly support

    Whether by email or in-app chat, we're available to personally answer your questions and guide you through your Harpoon experience. We want you to consider the Harpoon team a valuable resource to the continued growth of your business.

  • Security and data protection

    Like your online bank Harpoon uses SSL encryption for your account data. We perform daily backups so you never need to worry about losing your information. And your credit card information (and any client payments you accept online) are handled securely using Stripe's third-party payment processing system.

  • International accounts

    Harpoon proudly supports customers from around the globe. From dollars to pounds, euros to krones, your Harpoon account will feel right at home wherever you do business. You'll enjoy custom currency and date formatting, time zone support, multi-language invoicing, and support for accepting online credit card payments from your clients in over twenty countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and many more!

  • Online support center

    Harpoon's Support Center contains over 100 articles, guides, videos, and tutorials walking you through how to get the most out of Harpoon. Everything from how to start accepting online payments to how to handle ongoing retainers, you'll almost always find what you're looking for in the Support Center.

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As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.