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Meet Harpoon for Mac.

The simplicity of Harpoon's timers redesigned and packaged in a convenient desktop menubar app. Easy access for your entire team.

Download Harpoon for Mac OS X 10.11+ recommended (45 MB) v1.0.1
Harpoon for Mac Harpoon for Mac requires an existing Harpoon account. Sign up for a free trial.

"Harpoon has really contributed, right from the beginning, in making the administrative side of my business way more efficient and fun. It has also given me tools to make strategic decisions and negotiate better with some clients based on the timers' data. Last but not least, I can't believe how quick and nice the follow up has been on any questions I've run past Ryan or Andy. I'm an absolute fan!"

Pascale Fille, Independant Senior Copywriter

Because you need more than invoicing. You need a plan for success.

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As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.