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A Sneak Peek at Harpoon

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

We're busy coding away here in Harpoon land and getting really close to launching something we're very proud of. We'd like to give you a sneak peek at our progress via some artsy fartsy product shots. If you're a freelancer running your own business, you're going to love Harpoon!

Yearly Goals

At its core Harpoon helps you determine a specific yearly revenue goal for your business. This goal is based on a budget that encompasses the lifestyle you want to live as a freelancer. Everything from your office, meals, and transportation, to health insurance, vacations, and retirement savings, Harpoon helps you set meaningful revenue goals based on your real life.


Harpoon's Dashboard showcases a variety of crucial metrics to help you understand the health of your business. Everything from tracking progress on specific revenue goals, to vacation days earned, to revenue forecasting, the Dashboard gives you the big picture view of your freelancing finances. We'll be launching with at least a dozen important metrics with many more to come.

Project Schedule

Harpoon's Project Schedule provides a fresh, revenue-focused, year-at-a-glance view of how your projects stack up on the calendar, along with each project's scheduled payments. It breaks down your yearly revenue goal into smaller bite-sized goals, automatically tracking and revealing your accumulated progress toward those goals. You'll see exactly where to schedule new projects based on your goals for that month, quarter, and year.


The Clients screen in Harpoon is a unique view of your clients based on the revenue they contribute to your business. You'll see at a glance who your heavy hitters are, which projects have been the most lucrative, and where you might need to make adjustments to make sure you're not putting too many eggs in any one client's basket.

That's a quick sneak peek, but we hope it whets your appetite for Harpoon's upcoming launch. Join our mailing list to be the first in line to try it out!

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