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New Feature: Speed Boost!

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

As a software product like Harpoon grows over time, performance can take a hit and


Screens can take longer to load. Calculations become delayed. And responses to button clicks just aren't as snappy as they used to be.

We've always considered speed to be a critical feature for any software product. So to avoid losing that edge in Harpoon our development team has been working hard over the last few months, quietly releasing a series of speed optimizations that affect almost every part of the Harpoon experience.

Everything from creating & managing invoices, to loading project details screens, to sorting & filtering time entries has been optimized for increased speed. Table lists now load faster. Metrics and stats are calculated more quickly. We've eliminated hundreds of redundant queries across the product, and even optimized how our daily backups are performed to eliminate unnecessary hits on our production database.

And the more data you store in Harpoon the more you'll notice the improvements. We've seen some areas of the product inherit up to a 5x speed boost!

Speed isn't a feature you can show off in a screen shot. But I want to give our development team credit for their hard work as we continue to release these "invisible" enhancements. It results in an immediate improvement to the user experience, and sets us up for new features and growth in the long term.

We'll keep the optimizations coming, and as always, thanks for your continued support of Harpoon!

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