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Extending Harpoon’s “Pay What You Can” Subscription Pricing

by Andy Johnson on August 05, 2020 in News & Updates

Back in March of 2020 we announced our response to the COVID-19 pandemic with “Pay What You Can” subscription pricing. It was our tiny way of offering some relief from the financial pressure many businesses were starting to experience.

Many of you took us up on the offer which made us very happy, and validated the idea as a good one!

That original offer was good through the month of August 2020. And here we are...August has arrived. Where do we go from here?

First of all, we hope that you and your family & friends are safe and healthy, and that you’ve managed to weather this storm as best as can be expected.

It’s obvious that in many parts of the world the impact of COVID-19 is just as strong today as it was back in March, perhaps even more so.

So to us it’s a no-brainer to extend “Pay What You Can” subscription pricing through the end of 2020. Here’s how that will work:

  1. You decide what monthly price you’re comfortable paying for Harpoon for the remainder of 2020.
  2. Email your price to [email protected]. (Note: Even if you’re currently taking advantage of “Pay What You Can” pricing, we need you to contact us if you’d like to extend your special pricing beyond August 2020.)
  3. We’ll credit your Harpoon account accordingly, no questions asked.

If you're new to Harpoon you can sign up here for a 14-day free trial.

For those of you who can still afford to pay Harpoon's normal subscription price, our small team appreciates your ongoing support.

But if you’re feeling the crunch in these uncertain times, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this ongoing offer.

Take care out there, and reach out to us if you have questions or need assistance. Thank you!

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