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New Feature: Bulk Actions

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

It’s always been easy to make changes and edits to just about any kind of recorded data in Harpoon. Whether it’s a recorded expense that needs an updated status, or a recorded hours entry that needs a date correction, these types of edits are quick and easy.

But what if you need to make the same edits to many entries? Yup, we admit this has been a slow and painful process in the past, but that’s changing. Starting today we’re happy to introduce our new Bulk Action functionality. Wherever it makes sense we’re adding the ability to perform the same action to multiple items at once. Let’s look at the Time-Tracking History screen as an example.

Above your table list of recorded hours entries you’ll find a new “Bulk Actions” menu.

The menu button remains disabled until you’ve selected your entries, after which you’ll be able to select an action from the menu. Feel free to use the table's filters combined with the search field to narrow down your list of entries which makes it easier to select the ones you’re interested in.

Now you can select an action from the menu you’d like to take. In this example we’ll pretend we need to change the status on our selected recorded hours entries, so we’ll choose the bulk action of Edit.

When bulk editing a group of entries you’ll be presented with the familiar edit form for that type of data. Make changes to the fields that need it (in our case the Status field) and those changes will be applied to all of your selected entries. Easy!

We’ve rolled out Bulk Actions on a handful of screens throughout the app. Expect more actions in more locations to show up in the weeks ahead. Enjoy!

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