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New Feature: Customize Your Dashboard

by Andy Johnson on November 06, 2015 in News & Updates

Harpoon’s Dashboard provides a place where you can instantly get a pulse on the current financial health of your business. It should be a stress reliever when your business is doing well, and a source of motivation and urgency if you’re falling behind.

With over a dozen metrics widgets everyone has their favorites. But what if your favorite widgets are buried at the bottom of the screen? Until now you needed to scroll to find your favorites. But starting today your widgets can be reordered however you'd like.

When hovering over a widget you’ll now find a handy drag and drop icon.

Grab this icon to drag and drop the widget to a new location on the Dashboard. All the other widgets will reorder themselves accordingly.

Just a small improvement to help you feel more at home in your Harpoon account.

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