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New Feature: Improved Invoicing for Unbilled Hours

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

We’ve built a few new things to improve the experience of adding unbilled hours to your invoices.

When you create an invoice for any Hourly project you’ll still find the familiar “Add Recorded Hours” button under the line items of the invoice.

Clicking that button triggers the Add Recorded Hours form. Here you’ll find a few improvements.

First, at the top of the form we’ve added a new filters bar, including the ability to filter your hours entries by date range, task category, and the team members.

We realize some of your projects can have a mammoth amount of hours entries, and for a variety of reasons sometimes you don't want all of the entries billed on the same invoice. These new filters (in combination with the existing live search bar) should make it much easier to quickly filter and find the entries you’re interested in so you can select them all at once to add to your invoice.

Speaking of adding hours entries to your invoice, we’ve provided more flexibility for how those entries display on your invoice after they’ve been added.

You now have the following options for displaying recorded hours entries on your invoice:

  • List entries as separate line items
  • Group by task category
  • Group by date
  • Group by team member

Depending on the nature of your project, you (and/or your client) might have a preference for how hours are grouped together and displayed on the invoice. These new options provide greater flexibility in that regard.

Of course after the hours entries have been added to the invoice you still have the option of editing the content of those new line items even further if you wish.

Hopefully these improvements provide a smoother experience when invoicing for unbilled hours. Have additional ideas? Get in touch!

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