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New Feature: Logging Timers Based on Last Pause

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

This is perhaps more of a change than a new feature, but it's significant enough that we wanted to make everyone aware.

Previously when logging timers in Harpoon the date of the resulting recorded hours entry was based on when the timer was logged. But over time this approach has had its annoyances.

For example, at the beginning of a new workday it's common to open up Harpoon to find one or more paused timers that were in use the previous day, but for whatever reason were never logged.

No problem. You proceed to log those timers so you can start the new day with fresh timers. The problem is the date recorded for those logged hours shows as today's date, even though the recorded work was accomplished yesterday. And if you're a stickler for accuracy (like we are) you'll spend a few extra seconds editing the dates of those logged hours entries. Annoying.

So we've pushed an update that changes this behavior. From now on when you log a timer the date of the resulting recorded hours entry will be based on when the timer was last paused. This means if a timer was paused on Wednesday, but isn't logged until Thursday, the date of that recorded hours entry will reflect the work being accomplished on Wednesday.

Based on our data this change should provide a more accurate record of logged time for most of our customers, eliminating the annoyance of editing dates.

Have your own ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

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