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New Feature: Project Archiving

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

For those of you juggling many, MANY projects in your Harpoon account, you’ll be happy about this new feature. You can now completely remove a project from a variety of project lists throughout your Harpoon account with a new “Archived” status for projects.

The new “Archived” status joins five other existing project status options. Each status affects a project in multiple ways, including the color coding of a project on your Schedule, some of the time-tracking behavior for a project, as well as a project’s visibility in certain places throughout the app:

  • Proposed: The project is still in the proposal phase and has not yet been officially approved by the client.
  • Active: The project has been approved and has not yet been completed.
  • On Hold: The project has been approved, but work on the project has been temporarily paused.
  • Completed: Work on the project has been completed. Note: Projects with this status will be removed from the "Project" menu on your Timers to help keep that menu manageable. But hours can still be manually added to a Completed project via the project's Project Details screen.
  • Canceled: The project has been canceled, but you'd still like to retain all the historical data of the project and have the project readily accessible from your main Projects screen. The Canceled status is a good alternative to permanently deleting a project. Note: Canceled projects will be removed from the "Project" menu on your Timers to help keep that menu manageable.
  • Archived: This new status completely removes the project from your projects list on the main Projects screen, and removes the project from many of the "Project" menus throughout your Harpoon account. 

Projects with the new “Archived” status can be accessed via the “Archived Projects” link at the bottom of your main Projects screen.

Note: Setting a project's status to "Archived" does NOT affect your overall financial metrics in Harpoon. It simply "hides" the project from multiple views to help keep your account more manageable.

We hope this new “Archived” status helps keep your Harpoon account more streamlined and manageable!

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