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New Feature: Project Summary Report

by Andy Johnson on August 22, 2019 in News & Updates

Harpoon provides a variety of reports for organizing and sharing your account data. Everything from Profit & Loss and Expense reports, to Timesheets and Mileage reports, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve now added a new Project Summary report to the list. This report is for those times you need to share the financial and time-tracking details of a project with other colleagues without needing to provide those colleagues with access to the Project Details screen in your Harpoon account. For example, maybe your CEO wants to see the financial details of that big client project your team just finished up. Now you can generate a quick Project Summary report and shoot it over as a PDF or CSV file.

The Project Summary report includes the following data in the report:

Financial Summary Stats: This includes the total revenue collected for the project, the project’s total cost, and the resulting profit and margin.

Hours by Task: This is a breakdown of all recorded hours for the project organized by task categories, and includes the value, cost, and yield of each task category.

Hours by Team: This is a breakdown of all recorded hours for the project organized by team members, and includes the value, cost, and yield of each team member.

Expenses: This includes all non-labor expenses for the project organized by expense category.

Invoices: This is a list of all invoices for the project including their issue dates, status, and totals.

Show/Hide: We’ve also made it easy to show/hide different sections of the Project Summary report. For example, maybe your CEO doesn’t want to be bothered with all the details of the Hours by Task section. No problem. Just turn that section off in the report’s filter bar.

Method: This report also includes the ability to display revenue using the Collected (Cash) OR Billed (Accrual) methods of accounting.

Multiple Projects: And last, but not least, you can easily gang up multiple projects within the same report! Just select as many projects as you’d like in the report’s filter bar.

As with all of Harpoon’s reports you can export the Project Summary report as a PDF or CSV for easy sharing.

Project Summary reports can be generated via the Reports section of Harpoon, or via the “Create” menu on any project’s Project Details screen.

We hope this new report makes it easier to share project summaries around the office. More to come!

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