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New Feature: Redesigned Invoice Management

by Andy Johnson on February 02, 2016 in News & Updates

Harpoon only launched six months ago, but that’s been enough time for many of you to have generated a long list of invoices. If you've outgrown Harpoon’s previous Invoices screen these new invoice management features are for you!

On your main Invoices screen you now have a new set of filters at the top of the page. These filters enable you to customize the view of your invoices below. Instead of an infinite list of all your invoices you can now filter by year, client, project, and even invoice status.

These filters cascade down to a new invoicing bar chart. The chart shows you at a glance the amount of open invoices vs. paid invoices you have for each month of the selected year. It’s a great way to track billing trends from month to month, and of course to see where you still need to collect payments for past invoices.

Your invoices table list below is also controlled by your filter criteria. So you can now quickly filter your invoices list by date, client, project, and status. And once you’ve filtered your invoices you can narrow the list down even more with the live search field above your invoices table list.

So no more infinite list of invoices to wade through. You now have a quick way to drill down into the invoices you’re interested in, with the added benefit of an open vs. paid chart overview. Enjoy!

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