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New Feature: Reports

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

Today we’re making it easier for you to collect, organize, and share your Harpoon data with our new Reports feature. Whether you need a convenient way to share financial data with your accountant, or need to dig deeper into your time-tracking statistics, you’ll find these new Reports a handy addition to your financial toolset.

Collect, Organize, and Share

Before we get into the specifics of each report, let’s quickly discuss where these new reports fit within Harpoon’s existing feature set. You’ve always had the ability in Harpoon to filter and view your time-tracking and financial data in a variety of ways—via the Dashboard, the Schedule, and the various interactive charts and tables throughout your Harpoon account. But it hasn’t been easy to export that data to share with others. Enter the new Reports feature. Our goal with Reports is to give you an easy way to generate custom views of your time-tracking and financial data, along with the ability to export those views in common formats (e.g. PDFs, CSVs, etc.). Let’s take a quick look at the specifics of each report.

Profit and Loss

The Profit and Loss report allows you to compare your revenue to your expenses over a designated period of time. You can generate reports for individual quarters or an entire year, and see your gross profit, total expenses, and resulting net profit for those periods of time. This is the report most accountants will want to see when helping you with quarterly and yearly taxes.


The Expense report provides the details of how much money your business is spending over a designated period of time. You have the flexibility to group your expenses by category, vendor, client, or even project. And you can even choose to include/exclude any of your expense categories in order to further customize your reports. This is another report that your accountant might request when helping you with your taxes.


The new Time-Tracking History screen we recently launched provides the flexibility most people need when filtering and displaying their recorded hours entries. But the Timesheet report takes things a step further with a unique view of your data not available on the Time-Tracking History screen and the ability to export that data for easy sharing when needed.

We’ve launched the Reports feature with the three reports mentioned above, but there are other reports in the works. We’ll add new ones to the collection as we have them ready. If you have a specific report you’d like to see just let us know!

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