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New Feature: Tag Variables for Invoice & Estimate Subjects

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

Harpoon allows you to utilize a variety of tag variables when customizing the email templates that get sent to your clients.

These tag variables can be inserted into your email subjects or message bodies, and include things like:

  • {MyCompanyName} – your company name
  • {ClientCompanyName} – your client's company name
  • {ContactFirstName} – your client contact's first name
  • {InvoiceDueDate} – the invoice's due date
  • And many more...

You can view all available tag variables when customizing any of the email templates via your Email Settings screen.

Due to popular demand (thank you!) we've added a new tag variable for inserting the Subject field of an invoice into your email templates. It looks like this:

  • {InvoiceSubject}

Like other tag variables this one can be placed in the email subject or message bodies of your email templates. For example, if your invoice's Subject is...

  • Hosting for July 2021

...then that Subject will be rendered in the email that gets sent to your client wherever you happen to have placed the {InvoiceSubject} tag variable.

It works the same for estimates by using the new tag variable:

  • {EstimateSubject}

That's it! Feel free to edit your email templates and make use of this new tag variable however you see fit.

Have your own ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

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