How do I set up late payment reminders?

Late payment reminders are emails that automatically get sent to your client after their invoices have become overdue. A total of 3 late payment reminders will be emailed when an invoice becomes overdue, and each email will be spread apart by 10 days.

You can make sure your late payment reminders are turned on by default for all new invoices you create by checking the “Automatically send late payment reminders” checkbox in the Miscellaneous section on your Invoices Settings screen.

Late payment reminders can also be turned on/off on a per invoice basis by editing an invoice, clicking the "Customize" button, and then turning on/off the "Automatically send late payment reminders" option for that invoice.

You can customize the content of the late payment emails your clients receive by visiting your Emails Settings screen and clicking on the Late Payment Reminder template link. You’ll then be presented with a form allowing you to customize the late payment reminder email subject and message.

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