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New Feature: Client Statuses

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

We're happy to announce a new feature that addresses a couple of questions some of you have asked in the past:

  1. How do I mark potential clients in my account that I've connected with, but have yet to win their business?
  2. How do I remove inactive clients from frequently used client menus throughout the app?

Introducing our new Client Statuses feature. Think "project statuses," but now for your clients. Here's how it works:

When creating or editing a client you'll see a new "Status" menu option:

We're launching this feature with three client statuses to choose from:

  • Lead: A prospect whose business you haven't yet won. This status makes it easier to store all your potential clients in Harpoon like a traditional CRM, while marking them separately from your active clients.
  • Active: A client you're actively working with (managing projects, sending invoices, etc.).
  • Inactive: A client you've worked with in the past, but are not actively engaged with at the moment. Marking a client as "Inactive" will hide that client from many of Harpoon's client menus throughout the app, keeping those menus much more manageable.

You'll see these new client statuses reflected on your main Clients screen in the new "Status" table column:

Pro Tip: If you'd like to keep your active clients at the top of the table list, simply click the "Status" column header to sort your clients by status.

You'll also see a client's status reflected on their Client Details screen within the new Details Summary bar, which we're introducing with this feature:

The new Details Summary bar gives you quicker access to some of your client's data including their:

We hope these new statuses help with organizing your clients and keeping your account more manageable.

Have your own ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

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