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What’s Next for Harpoon?

by Andy Johnson in News & Updates

We’ve been fairly quiet with new feature announcements over the last couple of months. But behind the scenes our team has been working furiously on some new surprises. We felt it was time to give you a quick update on what’s in store for the months ahead.

Invisible Progress

Back in May after launching Harpoon for Mac we arrived at a crossroads in our product development cycle. In order to build our next set of new features with the highest level of expandability, performance, and security we realized it was time to upgrade portions of Harpoon’s codebase.

Upgrading code isn’t exactly the sexiest thing you can do for your product. It’s time-consuming and the end result is something no one can see. But we’ve always based our short-term product decisions on our long-term vision, and upgrading our codebase now was a no-brainer for the long-term health of Harpoon.

It’s been two months of work and we’re just about ready to pull the trigger on this huge “invisible” upgrade to Harpoon. We’ll send you more details about this shortly. But for now let’s talk about what to expect after the upgrade.

What’s Next?

Our highest priority (and most requested feature) is extending Harpoon’s integrations with more third-party products and services. A big benefit of the upgrade I mentioned above is how much easier it’ll be for us (and you) to connect Harpoon to more apps. Our team has already started building out a new set of integrations, and after they pass our testing we’ll get these into your hands (and then move on to building out the next set). So if you have a favorite product or service you’d like to integrate with Harpoon just let us know!

Integrations might be the immediate priority, but we have a ton of other goodies in the works. Are you one of the many people who’s asked us for the ability to auto-bill your client’s credit card on a recurring basis? Good! It’s coming. We’re also working on a handful of new Dashboard widgets (including better widget organization), improved bank importing, accrual-based reporting, new invoice customizations, a new client portal, and expense receipts. We think you’ll appreciate some added flexibility for late payment reminders, and Harpoon for Mac has some new features and enhancements in the works. We’re also working on a new view of the Schedule to make project scheduling and financial planning more of a delight.

The list goes on. In fact as I look at our roadmap we currently have 100+ new features and improvements on the list, no joke. And many of them have already been scheduled and started. So if you don't see your dream feature mentioned above it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not coming!


It’s always a bit tricky to publicly reveal a product roadmap. What if our priorities change? What if a feature takes longer than expected to build? What if we decide to cancel a feature altogether? Despite those possibilities we feel strongly about giving our customers a peek into our future plans for the product. Many of the improvements we’ve already made to Harpoon are a direct result of your feedback, so keeping you involved and engaged in our roadmap benefits everyone.

That being said we’re going to hold off on promising an exact time frame for any of these new features. The best I can tell you is we’re making daily progress and cranking to get all of this to you as soon as we can. Some of this we’ll launch quietly in the background without any fanfare, while other features will be introduced with a formal announcement. Stay tuned!

So keep the suggestions and requests coming, and together we’ll continue to evolve Harpoon from one milestone to the next. Thanks!

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