How do I customize the design of my invoices?

Harpoon provides a handful of options for customizing the visual design of your invoices and estimates. Most of these customization options are available on your Invoice & Estimate Settings screen:

The Accent Bar - This provides the opportunity to display a custom image across the top of your invoices. We’re using the word “accent” on purpose. It’s not intended to be a large “hero” image that takes over the header of your invoice. Instead it’s designed to be an accent for your brand. For your company that might be a simple pattern, a solid color, or even a photographic image. And if you use the recommended image size (stated in your settings) we’ll make sure your Accent Bar displays razor sharp to your clients even on retina (HD) displays.

Brand Color - You can set your company’s dominant brand color in your Harpoon settings and see that color applied to your invoices. Your brand color will be used for any line dividers in the invoice’s layout (e.g. dividing the invoice header from the line items, dividing the line items from the totals, etc.). Ideally your brand color will complement your accent bar.

Company Logo - Harpoon provides retina (HD) support for the display of your company logo. Logos on Harpoon’s invoices display at a maximum height of 100 pixels, so simply upload your logo (via your settings) at a height of at least 200 pixels in order to achieve a sharp display on retina (HD) devices.

Font Customization - You can choose between a Modern (sans serif) or Traditional (serif) font display on your invoices.

Custom Titles - If you don’t prefer the words “Invoice” or “Estimate” you can edit the titles that appear at the top of your invoices and estimates. Especially handy for some of our international customers whose government laws dictate specific wording required for invoicing.

Rich Text Editing - We’ve added rich text editing to both the line item Description fields and the Notes field on your invoices and estimates. That means being able to use bold, italics, line breaks, links, etc.

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