What currencies does Harpoon support?

There are two aspects to supporting currencies in Harpoon. One aspect is in regards to the currency symbol that is displayed throughout your Harpoon account. The other aspect is in regards to the currency you bill when collecting online invoice payments. These two aspects are connected.

Online Billing Currency

Harpoon uses Stripe for accepting invoice payments online, and therefore can support any online payment currency that Stripe supports. When you create a Stripe account you declare your currency. When you connect your Harpoon account to Stripe, Harpoon will recognize your declared currency and display the proper currency symbol throughout your Harpoon account.

To learn more about Stripe’s currency support view this article.

Your Currency Symbol in Harpoon

As stated above, the currency symbol that you’ve declared in your Stripe account will automatically be recognized and matched by your Harpoon account. But if you have no desire to connect a Stripe account to Harpoon (i.e. you don't want to collect online payments) you don’t have to. In that case you can manually set your displayed currency symbol in Harpoon by visiting your General Settings screen. Here you’ll find a Currency field.

You can select your desired currency symbol from the drop down menu. Ultimately the list of currency symbols are still limited to those supported by Stripe, even if you’re not using Stripe.

Note: If you’ve connected your Stripe account to your Harpoon account the Currency drop down in your General Settings will be disabled and pre-selected in order to avoid conflicts between your Stripe and Harpoon currencies. The two must match.

To learn more about currency support view the Online Payments support articles.

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