How can I clone a timer?

For most of us, our work days are full of repetitive tasks. For example, working on Harpoon every day includes a mix of handling support requests, testing new features, writing blog posts, etc. These aren't one-off activities. They're a repetitive part of my normal routine.

So when tracking time for these repetitive activities wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to manually recreate the same timers every day?

That's why we've added a Cloned Timers feature to Harpoon. This allows you to create a new timer based on any recorded hours entry in your account. Here's how it works:

When viewing any recorded hours entry in your Harpoon account (whether that's via your Time-Tracking History screen, or the Hours tab on any Project Details screen) you'll now see a "New Cloned Timer" option in the entry's Actions utility menu like so:

Select this option and presto! Harpoon will automatically create a new timer for you with the details of the originating recorded hours entry pre-filled into the new timer. Boom sauce.

Note: This isn't to be confused with the existing "Duplicate" action which simply duplicates an existing recorded hours entry, bypassing a timer altogether.

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