How do I send an invoice to my client?

You can send an invoice to your client by visiting the Invoice Details screen for the invoice and clicking on the Send action in the Actions menu.

You’ll then be presented with the Send Invoice form.

Here you can select the recipients (client contacts) the invoice will be sent to, along with optionally editing email’s Subject and Message.

You can also choose to attach a PDF of the invoice to the email being sent. Note: Harpoon cannot track whether or not your client has viewed a PDF. If you'd like to increase your chances of tracking when a client has viewed your invoice then it's recommended you do not attach a PDF which will then necessitate your client viewing the invoice online.

You can also choose whether you'd like the email to send now or select a date to have the email auto-send later.

After clicking Send an email will be sent to your client (or be scheduled to auto-send later). If the invoice previously had a status of Draft it will now have a status of Sent.

After your client receives the email and clicks on the link to view the invoice online the invoice will be given a status of Viewed.

To learn more about invoicing visit the Invoices support articles.

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