What do the different client statuses mean?

There are a few “statuses” a client can have in your Harpoon account: Lead, Active, and Inactive.

These statuses allow you to "mark" each client based on your current relationship with them:

  • Lead: A prospect whose business you haven't yet won. This status makes it easier to store all your potential clients in Harpoon like a traditional CRM, while marking them separately from your active clients.
  • Active: A client you're actively working with (managing projects, sending invoices, etc.).
  • Inactive: A client you've worked with in the past, but are not actively engaged with at the moment. Note: Marking a client as "Inactive" will hide that client from many of Harpoon's client menus throughout the app, keeping those menus much more manageable.

To learn more about clients visit the Clients support articles.

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