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What is a yearly revenue goal?

Your Yearly Revenue Goal should reflect the amount of money your business needs to generate each year in order to cover all expenses, pay salaries, and make a healthy profit. Harpoon then helps you track towards accomplishing this goal.

This article on setting a financial goal will walk you through how to set the right yearly revenue goal for you and your business.

In your Harpoon account you can enter your yearly revenue goal by visiting your General Settings screen.

You can also provide a unique revenue goal for each year by viewing that year on your Schedule and clicking the revenue goal link at the top of the screen.

Your yearly revenue goal isn’t set in stone. Feel free to edit it whenever you’d like. Maybe each year you want to increase it by 10% as encouragement to keep growing your business. You can even change it temporarily just to see how it affects the different metrics throughout your Harpoon account.

To learn more about setting goals view the Revenue Goals articles.

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