How do I create a client?

A client in Harpoon is the person or company for whom you’re providing services. When you send out invoices your clients are the ones who receive and pay them.

To create a client click on the green Create (+) menu in the upper left of your screen and select Client.

You’ll now be presented with the New Client form.

Fill out the New Client form as follows:

  • Company Name: Provide the name of your client’s company. If your client doesn’t have a company name go ahead and provide their first and last name here instead. This is what will appear on any invoices or estimates sent to the client.
  • Lead Source: How did you find this client, or how did they find you? By selecting a source Harpoon will be able to track which lead sources have been the most profitable for your business over time and present that data on your Dashboard and Lead Sources Report.
  • Language: This is the language that will be used for the invoices & estimates sent to this client.
  • Address: The address of your client will be displayed on any invoice or estimate sent to the client.

Contact Details: Each client must have a contact person associated with it. The contact person is who will receive your invoices and estimates via email.

  • First & Last Name: Supply the first and last name of the contact. This name will appear in the emails sent to your client.
  • Email: This is the email address that your invoices and estimates will be sent to.
  • Phone: The phone number where you can reach your contact.
  • Title or Department: For your reference only. Not visible to the client.

Custom Task Rates: Here you can customize this client's hourly rates used for your time-tracking task categories. These rates will be used by default on all new projects created for this client. (Note: These rates can be customized even further on a per project basis as needed.)

Tax ID: Display your client's VAT or other tax ID number on their invoices and estimates. (Note: This option is only available when turned on in your global Invoice & Estimate Settings.

Save your new client and you’ll be presented with the Client Details screen for the client.

To learn more about Clients and other related topics view the Clients support articles.

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