How do I invite a team member to my account?

You can invite other team members to your Harpoon account and collaborate on your projects. For example, you might want to allow a staff member or a contractor to track time for a project. Or you might want to give your project manager access to manage the details of a project.

To invite a team member start by visiting your Team screen. On this screen click the “Invite Team Member” button. (Note: Only the Owner of an account or Admin team members have the ability to invite other team members.)

You’ll be presented with the “Invite Team Member” form.

This form is divided into three parts:

General Information: Besides providing your team member's name and email, the following information is also requested:

  • Hourly Cost Rate: This is the internal hourly cost this team member incurs on your business.
  • Weekly Hours Capacity: This is the average maximum number of hours this team member works from week to week.
  • Optional Message: Include an optional message to accompany the invitation email your team member will receive.

Select a Role: Each team member you invite is assigned a role. The roles determine the level of account permissions a team member is given. The available roles are:

  • Admin: This role gives the team member complete access to your Harpoon account. The only thing an Admin can’t do is access your account’s subscription screen. Only the Owner of the account can manage the account’s subscription, and there’s only one Owner per account. The role of Admin is perfect for co-owners and business partners.
  • Manager: Managers have permission to view, edit, and manage projects, but only projects they’ve been assigned to. Managers can view the Project Details screen for their assigned projects, as well as create invoices and estimates for those projects. But they cannot send invoices or estimates to your clients. Only Admins and the Owner can do that. The role of Manager is ideal for project managers and coordinators.
  • Staff: Time tracking is the only feature that Staff have access to in your account. And they can only track time for projects they’ve been assigned to. Staff cannot view Project Details screens, only the Time screens for time tracking purposes. The role of Staff is great for employees and contractors.

Assign to Projects: If you’ve selected either Manager or Staff for your team member’s role you’ll be given the option to select any projects you’d like to give your team member immediate access to. If you selected the role of Admin you won’t see this option since Admins already have access to all projects by default.

Now you can click the “Send Invite” button and your team member will receive an email invite to join your team. While you’re waiting for your team member to accept the invitation they’ll be given a status of “Pending."

By the way, if it’s taking longer than expected for your team member to accept the invite you always have the option of resending the invitation by clicking the “Resend” action in the team member’s utility menu.

After your team member accepts the invitation and joins your account their Pending status will be replaced by their role label.

That’s all there is to it!

To learn more about teams view our Teams support articles.

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