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Watch your business thrive & grow!

Watch your business thrive & grow.

With dozens of real-time business metrics, dashboards, and reports, no other product helps you keep a pulse on your agency's finances like Harpoon does.

Watch your business thrive & grow.
  • Yearly revenue goal progress

    Track your revenue against your yearly revenue goal. It's a great source of inspiration to watch your revenue progress bar grow closer and closer towards accomplishing your goal.

  • Dashboard customization New!

    Enjoy your own customized Dashboard with dozens of crucial metrics about the past, current, and future health of your business. Show/hide stats and rearrange widgets so those most valuable to you are easiest to access.

  • Real-time revenue forecasting New!

    Harpoon automatically tracks your team's project activity and converts it into an accurate forecast of your expected revenue in real-time. You'll always know the future health of your business.

  • Monthly revenue goal progress

    Based on your yearly goal Harpoon provides a monthly revenue goal for you to hit and tracks your progress towards that goal. Your monthly goals will dynamically adjust based on how far ahead or behind you are.

  • Accumulated revenue to date

    At any point in the year Harpoon knows how much your business should've already received in order to stay on track to meeting your yearly goal. You'll know when it's time to speed things up or when it's OK to slow down.

  • Track top clients New!

    View a high level comparison of each year's top revenue-generating clients, including the percentage of revenue each client contributes to your overall business.

  • Expense budget tracking New!

    Set up a custom expense budget for your business and track in real-time how much of your monthly budget has been spent vs. how much remains.

  • Profit and loss

    Harpoon knows how much revenue you're bringing in, the expenses that are going out, and compares the two to provide a running tally of your business's profit or loss. Generate P&L reports for your accountant and other colleagues.

  • Vacation earned

    Based on your current revenue (and some other behind the scenes variables) Harpoon is able to calculate how many days you could take off work and still be on track to meeting your yearly revenue goal.

  • Recurring revenue New!

    Based on your active recurring invoices Harpoon provides an estimate of your average active monthly and yearly recurring revenue. Understand the true value of your retainers and other recurring services.

  • Mileage metrics New!

    View your recorded mileage for each month of the currently selected year, compared to the corresponding months of the previous year, including your business's estimated mileage deduction for the year.

  • Revenue quarter over quarter

    You'll always have an up-to-date total of how much you're bringing in each quarter compared to the same quarter in previous years. Discover revenue trends, make decisions, and act accordingly. The longer you use Harpoon the more valuable it becomes.

  • Average revenue per hour

    Your clients might know your hourly rates, but how much is your business really making per hour? Harpoon not only knows, but can tell you if that's enough to meet your goals.

  • Average revenue per day and month

    Harpoon displays how much revenue on average you've brought in each day and each month for current and past years. It also takes into account things like vacations and working days per week for more accurate averages.

  • Month over month accumulated revenue

    See how your monthly revenue has accumulated throughout the year and compare it to previous years. You'll see your ramp of accumulated revenue get taller and taller from year to year as your business grows.

  • Quarter over quarter expenses New!

    Easily compare your business spending from one quarter to the next within the same year, and a comparison year over year.

  • Month over month expenses

    View a monthly total of your combined expenses throughout the year compared to the same months from previous years. It's a great way to see high level expense patterns in your business.

  • Yearly revenue forecast

    You'll see a revenue forecast for the year based on your current revenue velocity compared to your yearly revenue goal. Does it look like you'll be hitting your goal? Or maybe even exceeding it?

  • Top lead sources

    When you create a client in Harpoon you have the option of selecting a lead source (referral, advertising, etc.) for that client. Harpoon then shows you which sources have been the most profitable for your business from year to year.

  • Unbilled hours tracking New!

    See at a glance how many unbilled hours exist across all of your projects, the value and internal cost of those hours, along with the potential profit & margin those hours will bring when billed.

  • Time tracking analytics

    Organize and view the details of your recorded hours in a variety of ways. Filter by date, task, project, client, etc. Generate detailed charts of your tracked time for both your individual projects, or for your business as a whole.

  • Generate custom reports

    Collect, organize, and share your financial and time-tracking data with customized reports. Hand off profit & loss and expense reports to your accountant for tax time. And generate timesheet reports for your clients or for your own record keeping.

  • Accounts aging report New!

    Track which clients have outstanding invoices, the amounts due, and the age of those amounts. This Accounts Aging report can be easily shared with colleagues as a CSV or PDF.

  • Expense reports

    View the details of your business spending across multiple categories for any given date range and generate a shareable report downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.

  • Timesheet reports

    Generate a detailed list of your team's recorded hours organized and filtered by date rage, task categories, team members, projects, statuses, all formatted as an organized, shareable report.

  • Recurring expenses New!

    Based on your active recurring expenses Harpoon provides an estimate of your average active monthly and yearly recurring expenses. Understand the true cost of subscriptions and other recurring business spending.

  • Payments reports

    Collect all of your payments across one or more clients within a given date range formatted as a clean, nicely organized PDF or CSV report.

  • Invoice details reports

    Collect and view the details of multiple invoices over a custom time frame filtered by client and invoice status, packaged together as a single, shareable report.

  • Custom lead sources New!

    Create your own custom list of lead sources, assign these sources to your clients, and then run a report showing which lead sources have proven most valuable over time.

  • Tax summary reports

    View a summary of the taxes you've paid as part of your business expenses combined with the taxes you've collected as part of your invoices, including the net difference between the two, broken down by tax type.

  • Mileage reports

    Collect the business mileage you put on your vehicle for a given date range, organized by business purpose and vehicle, packaged as a shareable report for your accountant or other colleagues.

  • Project summary reports New!

    Easily share the financial and time-tracking details of a project with other colleagues without needing to provide those colleagues with access to your Harpoon account via Project Summary reports.

"Harpoon's Schedule is a game changer. It keeps me well informed of my workload so I can quickly and effortlessly schedule new projects or book ahead, and has financial data within the calendar so I know how much I should make each month to meet my goal."

Abbie Friesen, Owner & Designer
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As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.