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Set goals & forecast your success.

Set goals & forecast your success.

All the tools you need to set a yearly revenue goal for your business, map out a plan to achieve that goal, and benefit from accurate, real-time revenue forecasting.

Set goals & forecast your success.
  • Calculate a yearly goal

    Use Harpoon's Yearly Revenue Goal Calculator to determine how much money you need to make each year. Harpoon then breaks up your goal into manageable pieces.

  • Real-time revenue forecasting New!

    Harpoon automatically tracks your team's project activity and converts it into an accurate forecast of your expected revenue in real-time. You'll always know the future health of your business.

  • Predictive project budgeting New!

    Harpoon helps you determine the potential value and cost of a project before the project even begins. It's a powerful way to predict profitability at the start of a project before it's too late to make adjustments.

  • Schedule your projects

    Each of your projects can be mapped out on a yearly calendar so you'll know when you're busy, when you're not, and how much revenue you plan to receive during different parts of the year.

  • Plan your expected revenue

    With Harpoon you can map out your expected revenue for the year and see how it impacts your project schedule and yearly goal progress. It's your own powerful forecasting tool.

  • Expected revenue rollover New!

    Didn't get paid when you originally anticipated? Harpoon will automatically "roll over" any expected revenue from each past month into each new month so your revenue forecast remains accurate.

  • Project visibility filters New!

    Easily manage large numbers of projects on your Schedule with the help of visibility filters that show/hide projects based on their status. Stay focused on active projects while hiding the others.

  • Pursue dynamic monthly goals

    You'll know how much money you need to make each month in order to stay on track to meeting your yearly goal. And your monthly goals will automatically adjust based on how far ahead or behind you are.

  • Plan your yearly growth

    Your yearly goal isn't set in stone. We encourage you to increase it each year in order to grow your business over time. And Harpoon will automatically adjust your metrics accordingly.

  • Track your goal progress

    Harpoon is loaded with goal-tracking tools that help you make more intelligent decisions about your business, including a Dashboard with dozens of metrics you'll want to keep your eyes on.

  • Recurring revenue stats New!

    Based on your active recurring invoices Harpoon provides an estimate of your average active monthly and yearly recurring revenue. Understand the true value of your retainers and other recurring services.

  • Make adjustments on the fly

    Adjust your goal and account settings at any time and watch Harpoon automatically update your metrics to keep you on track. Experiment with hourly rates, yearly goals, vacation days, etc.

  • Take guilt-free vacations

    Harpoon calculates how many days off you can take while still staying on track to meeting to your financial goals. So plan a vacation and enjoy some down time. You've earned it.

  • Recurring expense stats New!

    Based on your active recurring expenses Harpoon provides an estimate of your average active monthly and yearly recurring expenses. Understand the true cost of subscriptions and other recurring business spending.

"After years of cobbling together spreadsheets and disparate tools, Harpoon has read my mind and built exactly what I needed for a holistic view of my agency's health and operations."

Jacob Morse, Principal
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As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.