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  • Team collaboration

    Track time and collaborate on your projects. Assign team members different roles in your business. From business partners to managers, staff to contractors, Harpoon makes it a breeze to work together as a team.

  • Auto-organize everything

    Harpoon gathers all of a project's financial details, invoices, expenses, time sheets, etc. and packages them in a stunning layout providing you clarity into each project's financial status and history.

  • Schedule your projects

    Each of your projects can be mapped out on a yearly calendar so you'll know when you're busy, when you're not, and how much revenue you plan to receive during different parts of the year.

  • Set time budgets

    Set the maximum number of hours you want to allow for a project and then track your time against that budget. Harpoon displays your progress, and warns you when you're close to hitting your budget.

  • Track project statuses

    Each project can be given a different status to help you organize and track them during their lifecycles. Differentiate between projects that are active, completed, or still in the proposal stage.

  • Track your profit and loss

    Because Harpoon allows you to assign invoices and expenses to a project you'll always have an accurate tally of your actual profit or loss on a per project basis.

  • Track project hours

    With Harpoon's robust time-tracking system you'll always know how many hours your team has invested on each project, what tasks took the most time, and which hours still need to be billed.

  • Fixed-fee or hourly

    Whether you bill by the hour or prefer up-front fixed fees, Harpoon has the flexibility to handle your project billing in the way you determine works best for your business and clients.

  • Handle ongoing retainers

    It's easy to schedule, budget time, and invoice for ongoing retainer projects. Retainers are a great way to stabilize your income, and these projects are easily accommodated in Harpoon.

  • Average revenue per project

    Harpoon keeps a running tally of how much revenue you're bringing in on each project, calculates an average across all your projects, and displays your average revenue per project for one year compared to another.

  • Attach invoices to a project

    Invoices can be manually created, or they can be based on the expenses and hours recorded for a project. Harpoon then tracks which expenses and hours have been billed vs. those that haven't.

  • Project notes

    Whether it’s a summary of a recent phone call, or an important decision about the project you don’t want to forget, it's easy to share project notes across your entire team.

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"With the help of Harpoon, I’ve found a tool to help me plan for the year, view my progress made, and provide simple financial forecasting. As a high achieving freelancer with a lot to do and little time to do it, this business partnership (they're not just a tool) makes my difficult job easier. If I were to build software to help me flourish as a freelancer, it'd end up looking just like Harpoon."

Jason Scott Montoya, Author of Path of the Freelancer

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