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Keep your client projects profitable.

Budget and manage your projects.

Easily create budgets, set schedules, manage team members, share notes, track time & expenses, and predict profitability for all of your client projects.

Budget and manage your projects.
  • Team collaboration

    Track time and collaborate on your projects. Assign team members different roles in your business. From business partners to managers, staff to contractors, Harpoon makes it a breeze to work together as a team.

  • Predictive project budgeting New!

    Harpoon helps you determine the potential value and cost of a project before the project even begins. It's a powerful way to predict profitability at the start of a project before it's too late to make adjustments.

  • Project summary reports New!

    Easily share the financial and time-tracking details of a project with other colleagues without needing to provide those colleagues with access to your Harpoon account via Project Summary reports.

  • Auto-organize everything

    Harpoon gathers all of a project's financial details, invoices, expenses, time sheets, etc. and packages them in a stunning layout providing you clarity into each project's financial status and history.

  • Schedule your projects

    Each of your projects can be mapped out on a yearly calendar so you'll know when you're busy, when you're not, and how much revenue you plan to receive during different parts of the year.

  • Set fixed fee budgets New!

    Besides hourly budgets, you can also enter a fixed fee amount to budget your project against. Not only is your project billing tracked against this budget, but Harpoon can tell you how many hours you can afford to spend on the project.

  • Track your profit and loss New!

    Harpoon tracks all revenue and costs associated with a project and calculates a real-time profit and loss metric, including your resulting margin for the project.

  • Set hourly budgets

    Set the maximum number of hours you want to allow for a project and then track your time against that budget. Harpoon displays your progress, and warns you when you're close to hitting your budget.

  • Track project statuses

    Each project can be given a different status to help you organize and track them during their lifecycles. Differentiate between projects that are active, completed, on hold, canceled, or still in the proposal stage.

  • Value, cost, & yield tracking New!

    With Harpoon's robust time-tracking system you'll always know the value, cost, and yield of every hour your team records for each project, what tasks took the most time, and which hours still need to be billed.

  • Designate project types New!

    Whether you bill by the hour, prefer up-front fixed fees, or are working on a non-billable project, Harpoon has the flexibility to handle any type of project with a complementary budgeting & billing strategy.

  • Handle ongoing retainers

    It's easy to schedule, budget time, and invoice for ongoing retainer projects. Retainers are a great way to stabilize your income, and these types of projects are easily accommodated in Harpoon.

  • Average revenue per project

    Harpoon keeps a running tally of how much revenue you're bringing in on each project, calculates an average across all your projects, and displays your average revenue per project for one year compared to another.

  • Budget resets New!

    For both hourly and fixed budgets Harpoon can automatically reset your budget on a repeating daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Handy for retainers and other repeating, ongoing projects.

  • Revenue forecasting New!

    Harpoon tracks your unbilled hours and outstanding fixed fee budgets across all of your projects and automatically calculates a forecast of expected revenue and how that revenue will affect your yearly and monthly revenue goals.

  • Bill for a project

    Invoices can be manually created, or they can be based on the budget and costs of a project. Harpoon even tracks the billing status of all expenses and hours recorded for a project.

  • Project notes

    Whether it’s a summary of a recent phone call, or an important decision about the project you don’t want to forget, it's easy to share project notes across your entire team.

  • Predictive project costs New!

    Harpoon can calculate the projected internal cost of a project, including the maximum time your team can afford to spend on the project, so your labor costs stay in line with your projected revenue.

  • Cost rate tracking New!

    Each of your team members can be assigned an internal hourly cost rate which can be customized on a per project basis. These rates allow Harpoon to calculate an accurate cost and profit & margin for each of your projects.

  • Custom task rates

    Set a different hourly rate for each of your time-tracking task categories. These rates can be customized on a global, client, and project-level basis.

  • Weekly hours capacity New!

    You can set a maximum number of weekly working hours for each team member and then receive alerts when a team member is getting close to maxing out their hours while working on your projects.

  • Duplicating projects New!

    Sometimes projects can be repetitive. That's why Harpoon makes it easy to duplicate (and customize) any existing projects with a single click.

  • Project archiving New!

    Your list of client projects can grow cumbersome over time. In Harpoon it's easy to archive inactive projects to keep your account streamlined and manageable.

  • "Actual" hourly rates New!

    There's the hourly rate you charge your client. But Harpoon can tell you what your actual hourly rate was for a project by looking at both the billable and non-billable costs that went into the project.

  • Organize, filter, & search New!

    Harpoon provides a handful of filtering and search tools that allow you to track the status of your projects. At a glance view hourly budget progress, profit & margin, collected revenue, and costs across all of your filtered projects.

  • Client statuses New!

    Each of your clients can be given a unique status in Harpoon. Easily keep track of leads vs. active clients, and keep your account tidy by hiding inactive clients from your daily workflows.

"Harpoon has allowed me to overhaul my project management and billing systems. Instead of using multiple tools, I can track time on projects, bill my clients, and monitor my business's financial goals in a single place. Harpoon has made managing my business much simpler."

Phillip Johnston, Embedded Systems Consultant
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As seen in many high profile publications. As seen in many high profile publications.