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  • Expense budgeting

    Bring discipline and control to your spending habits and keep your business profitable. Harpoon's Budget is a powerful tool to help you plan and set limits on the expense categories your business spends money on.

  • Bank importing

    Save time and increase accuracy by importing your bank account and credit card statements into Harpoon. Any edits you make will be automatically applied to your next import.

  • Assign expense categories

    Expense categories make it easy to group and total your expenses for tax purposes. Everything from meals to travel, and office supplies to rent are easily organized and totaled.

  • Add expenses to an invoice

    Assign expenses to your projects, and easily add those expenses to invoices for reimbursement. You'll always have a record of which expenses still need to be billed.

  • Expense receipts

    You can finally leave behind your shoeboxes full of expense receipts. From now on you can digitally attach those receipts to their respective expense records in your Harpoon account.

  • Mileage tracking

    Track the business mileage you put on your vehicle. Harpoon gives you an estimate of your earned tax deduction, and provides a neat and tidy mileage report for your accountant.

  • Filter, sort, and organize

    Dive into the details of your recorded expenses with powerful search, filters, sorting, and reporting. Focus on the details, or take in the big picture of your expense history.

  • Track billed vs. unbilled

    Expenses can add up, and it can be difficult to keep track of which ones your clients have reimbursed you for. Thankfully Harpoon tracks this for you so you always know where you stand.

  • Track profit and loss

    Money comes in. Money goes out. Harpoon is constantly comparing your expenses to your revenue to provide you with an accurate profit/loss for both your projects and your overall business.

  • Machine learning

    Harpoon tracks the way you edit and categorize your expense transactions, and over time will automatically apply those edits as new transactions are imported. It's a huge time-saver.

  • Expenses year over year

    Catch patterns in your month-to-month spending by comparing your monthly expenses from one year to another. Anticipate which months are usually more expensive than others and plan accordingly.

  • Track your tax spending

    Keep track of all the taxes you pay on your business expenses and then run a tax summary report to compare your tax spending to the taxes you've collected on your invoices.

  • Create expense reports

    It's easy to generate custom expense reports in Harpoon. These are ideal for sharing with your accountant come tax time. A few clicks is all it takes to generate a beautiful PDF, print, or CSV download.

  • Recurring expenses

    Most businesses have expenses that recur each week, month, year, etc. With Harpoon you can record these expenses once, and then watch them automatically be recorded again and again at their proper times.

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"Starting my business I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to help my clients. What I wasn't so clear about? The gray area in-between! Harpoon provided me easy to use and quick to learn setup to send professional invoices and track my goals!"

Katie Schrock, Owner

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