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  • One-click timers

    Harpoon's timers are a cinch to use. Click to start. Click to stop. Add some more details if you'd like and you're done. This is a timer that keeps up with the busiest of work days.

  • Set budgeted hours

    Set the maximum number of hours you want to allow for a project and then track your time against that budget. Harpoon displays your progress, and warns you when you're close to hitting your limit.

  • Create custom tasks

    Every business is unique, so you get to decide what common task categories fit with your type of work. Then tag your tracked time with your categories for easy filtering.

  • Team collaboration

    Track time and collaborate on your projects. Assign team members different roles in your business. From business partners to managers, staff to contractors, Harpoon makes it a breeze to work together as a team.

  • Mac timers

    The simplicity of Harpoon's timers redesigned and packaged in a convenient desktop menubar app. Provides easy timer access for your entire team. Free download for existing Harpoon accounts.

  • Jump between multiple timers

    Do you ever find yourself jumping between client projects throughout a day? Harpoon keeps up by letting you manage multiple timers at once. Start, stop, start, and stop again as much as you need.

  • Use the timer…or not

    Did you forget to use the timer to track your time? No sweat. Harpoon allows you to manually enter any recorded hours entries for any dates you need without needing to use the timer.

  • Add hours to an invoice

    Tracking your time is just the first step. Getting those recorded hours to an invoice couldn't be easier in Harpoon. And you'll always have a record of which hours still need to be billed.

  • Filter and organize

    If you need to dig into the details of your tracked time then you're going to love Harpoon. Robust filters, sorting, and reporting allows you to see both the big picture and the tiny details.

  • Budget time for recurring projects

    For recurring projects like retainers, Harpoon lets you set a time tracking budget that automatically resets itself based on your retainer schedule, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. Slick!

  • Track time even when offline

    Uh oh. You just noticed your wifi has been out for who knows how long. No worries. Harpoon's timer keeps working even when you're offline. We've got your back.

  • Create custom hourly rates

    Do you charge differently for design work compared to administrative work? No sweat. Harpoon allows you to create custom hourly rates for each of your time-tracking task categories.

  • Custom rates per client

    Sometimes the same rate doesn't fit for all of your clients. With Harpoon you can not only customize your hourly rates on a per task basis, but also on a per client basis. We're flexible like that.

  • Create timesheet reports

    Collect, organize, and share your time-tracking history with custom reports. Generate unique views of your recorded hours entries and export those views in common formats.

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"With the help of Harpoon, I’ve found a tool to help me plan for the year, view my progress made, and provide simple financial forecasting. As a high achieving freelancer with a lot to do and little time to do it, this business partnership (they're not just a tool) makes my difficult job easier. If I were to build software to help me flourish as a freelancer, it'd end up looking just like Harpoon."

Jason Scott Montoya, Author of Path of the Freelancer

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