How do I archive a project?

You can archive a project in your Harpoon account by giving the project a status of "Archived." The status for a project can be changed whenever you create or edit a project using the project's "Status" menu.

The "Archived" status affects a project in the following ways:

  • The project will be removed from the list of projects on your main Projects screen.
  • The project will be removed as an option from your time-tracking Timers.
  • The project will be removed from many of the "Project" menus throughout your Harpoon account.

Projects with the "Archived" status can still be accessed via the "Archived Projects" link at the bottom of your main Projects screen.

Note: Setting a project's status to "Archived" does NOT affect your overall financial metrics in Harpoon. It simply "hides" the project from multiple views to help keep your account more manageable.

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