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How do I know how much revenue I should be making every month?

Based on your yearly revenue goal Harpoon will provide a monthly revenue goal you can aim for. Hitting this monthly revenue goal each month will keep you on track to hitting your yearly revenue goal by the end of the year. You can find your monthly revenue goal in a couple of places.

The first place you can look is on your Dashboard. There you’ll find a metrics widget called Revenue This Month.

This widget displays your progress towards your monthly revenue goal for the current month. The goal for the month is noted at the bottom of the widget (“Goal"), along with how far ahead or behind you are to meeting that goal (“Difference”).

The second place you can find your monthly revenue goal is at the bottom of your Schedule. There you’ll find a table row labeled Monthly.


This Monthly row displays your revenue goal for each month (“Goal”), along with your actual revenue for each month (“Actual”).

To learn more about revenue goals view the Revenue Goals support articles.

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