Getting Started with Harpoon

Welcome to Harpoon, the next generation time-tracking and billing software for your creative team!

Harpoon was designed to go beyond traditional time-tracking and billing tools, by not only tracking and recording your financial past, but also helping you plan and predict a profitable future.

This is accomplished by some unique goal-setting, budgeting, and forecasting features. Let's get you up and running with an overview of a typical workflow in Harpoon:

Set a Financial Goal

When you first signed up for Harpoon you entered a yearly revenue goal for your business. This goal should reflect the amount of money your business needs to generate each year in order to cover all expenses, pay salaries, and make a healthy profit. You'll see this goal put into action as you start tracking your work activity in Harpoon.

Create Projects

project in Harpoon is a way for you to group together a client's tracked time, invoices, estimates, expenses, and notes for a single piece of work. A project can have fixed fee and/or hourly budgets, a planned schedule, and unique hourly rates and team members. Harpoon tracks all revenue and costs associated with a project and provides an accurate profit & margin calculation for each of your projects.

Track Time

Invite team members to track time for your projects. Time can be tracked using Harpoon's timers, or entered manually. You'll always know the internal cost to your business of every hour recorded, along with the potential value and profit of those hours should you bill your client for that work.

Record & Budget Expenses

Harpoon tracks and categorizes all of your business's expense transactions, both on a company level and project level. And unique to Harpoon is the ability to create a monthly expense budget for your business, bringing purpose and discipline to your spending, with the end goal of keeping your business profitable.

Create Invoices

When you're ready to bill your client for a project you can send them an invoice. Invoices in Harpoon are very flexible and allow you to bill for hours worked, fixed fees, retainer deposits, services performed, expenses incurred, products sold, or any other number of items you can dream up. You can also set up automated recurring invoices that allow auto-billing of your clients' credit or debit cards.

Plan & Forecast

Harpoon automatically tracks your team’s project and billing activity and converts it into an accurate forecast of your expected revenue. This activity is displayed on your Schedule. Here you'll see which months are blocked out for each of your projects, along with a record of the year's collected revenue as well as the expected revenue you still plan to receive from each project. The Schedule also shows how your collected and expected revenue is affecting your monthly and yearly goal progress.

Analytics & Reports

No other product helps you know your numbers like Harpoon does. Your own customized Dashboard helps you monitor the current and future health of your business, showcasing dozens of crucial metrics. And Harpoon’s Reports make it easy to organize and share these numbers with your accountant and other stakeholders.

Meet Harpoon, the next generation time-tracking & billing software.

Harpoon not only records your financial past, but also helps you plan and forecast a profitable future for your business. Try it risk-free for 14 days.