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What does the “Totals” row mean at the bottom of my Schedule?

At the bottom of your Schedule you’ll find a row full of numbers labeled “Totals.” The green circles on your Schedule which represent revenue from invoice payments are tallied up and totaled for each month with that total being displayed in the "Totals" row. This row also accounts for your expected revenue. Let’s take a closer look.

The Totals row shows you how much revenue you should be aiming to bring in each month on average. It displays three types of numbers: Goal, Collected, and Expected.

Goal: This is how much revenue on average you should be planning to bring in each month. This monthly goal is initially calculated by taking your total yearly revenue goal and breaking it down into monthly, bite-sized pieces. But as your year progresses you'll notice that your average monthly goal for the remaining months of the year will automatically adjust based on how far ahead or behind you are at any given point in the year. For example, if in January you exceed your monthly goal you’ll see the monthly goal totals for the remaining months of the year reduce in amount. And if you end up behind in January you’ll see the remaining months of the year increase their monthly goal total amounts.

Collected: This is how much revenue (invoice payments) you’ve actually brought in each month. This number is based on the invoice payments you’ve received within each month. Your collected revenue is represented on the Schedule calendar by solid green circles.

Expected: This takes into account any outstanding invoices and Draft invoices for each month, and adds their total amounts due to the Collected total for each month. This shows you how much revenue you could expect for each month if you actually get paid for the outstanding and Draft invoices for those months. For example, if you’ve collected $2,000 in invoice payments for the month of March, but you still have $1,000 in outstanding invoices that are due in March, then your Expected revenue total would be $3,000.

For more information about how to use the Schedule view the Schedule support articles.

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